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Folder turn into shortcut (virus attack)If you encounter this kind of attack on your storage device,Follow these steps and you may recover your files and folders.

Renaming method :

1. Select one of your folder that has been change into shortcut.Then right click it.

2. Then click properties

3. You can see there is the address for the folder eg ; F:\My picture..but between the disc name

and folder name..there is some weird name eg ; F:\ [email protected] picture .... kinda like this.

4.Delete the strange name and let the original address be eg ; F:\My picture

5.Then click ok.Open the files and backup your files.(Copy your file to new folder)

Winrar method :

1.Open winrar application

2.Open your folder by the winrar explorer



3.After open your folder,select all your files,extract and put it into another folder.

Notes :(must not create new folder in the infected storage device)(The file in the corrupted folder may be corrupted as well)(Then fommat the infected storage device)(Scan your computer for viruses after doing this)

*if the virus still there,make a full system scan for virus or else fommat your PC *.




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